Whether you own an independent hotel property, are a brand franchisee, a brand looking for quality manufacturing representation, or a procurement company looking to provide the best combination of quality and priced furniture to your customers, you have come to the right place.

Dickson Furniture Manufacturers have been producing some of the best furniture on the market since 1976. Unlike many in the industry, we make our furniture in-house in the USA. We design, engineer, and build it ourselves at our facility in Houston, Texas.

Whether you are interested in one of our in-stock designs or want a unique piece just for you, Dickson is here to help. We can also customize one of our existing designs to fit your style. From in-stock designs to customized pieces, you can trust that the furniture you receive will be durable, safe, and built with high-quality materials.


Manufacturing in the USA allows Dickson to control the quality of the end-product, minimize lead times, and ensure eco-friendly solutions and community building throughout the entire process from supplier partners through delivery to the property.


Creating value-engineered solutions, case goods designed and constructed with replaceable tops, introduced several products to the Student Housing industry, such as memory foam mattresses, metal banded laminate solutions, 2-position chair, and the waterfall seat.


Dickson Furniture Manufacturers construct products with HPL tops, elite finishes, fully-edge banded solutions, and more to ensure lasting durability, functionality, and beauty for the life of our products providing superior durability and keeping your rooms looking great.


Our people are the center of everything we do at Dickson Furniture Manufacturers and the foundation of what makes us different. We fix issues, solve problems, and create partnerships with our clients for years to come.