To say that students can be rough with their belongings is an understatement. Even the toughest furniture will have some form of damage after being subjected to the day to day life of a youthful resident.
If you’re sure that it’s going to get banged up anyway, why should you even bother with premium furnishings? With more and more would-be occupants looking for first-rate accommodations, you can’t afford not to. However, there are things you can do to make it easier on yourself.

Why Students Don’t Take Care of Their Furniture
This excerpt from a Hostel Trends article sums it up nicely: “students aren’t always the kindest to their houses. Between house parties, lectures, deadlines and nasty hangovers, looking after a house can slide down the priorities list – and a drunken mishap might cause some damage.”
The average tenant isn’t intentionally trying to break stuff. They’re just trying to make the most of college life. But sometimes, it comes at the expense of the place they happen to call home.

What You Can Do About It
At the end of the day, it falls to the owners to make sure their properties are protected. One way to do that is through building policies that keep the residents accountable for any damage. This can help them be more mindful and hopefully keep their rooms in one piece.

You’ll have to be careful when implementing these kinds of rules, though. Students want to enjoy the freedom and independence that comes with their college years. If your policies are too strict, you might turn away potential tenants.

Another option would be to use furniture that’s easy to replace. Just make sure you don’t compromise on the design and build quality. Remember, students are looking for good value. Cheap and ugly aren’t part of that description.

How Dickson Furniture Can Help
“Easy to replace” doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring, cookie-cutter designs. Custom furniture can help attract your ideal residents – and that’s an advantage you don’t want to let go of. If you’re worried about finding a replacement just in case it ends up too worse for wear, we can provide a solution.

Our company-owned facility in Houston, Texas has everything necessary to recreate any custom piece. Because it’s made right here in America, we have full control over the products that come out of our doors. Whether it’s a bed with built-in storage, unique shelves for a specific interior design or anything in between, you can be confident that you’ll receive only the best. Our furniture is built to last!

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