When it comes to housing, students are all about having choices. If you hope to attract new residents, you’ll want to appeal to their varied preferences. Custom furniture design is an effective means of doing just that.

Made for Today’s Students

Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all approach. College students want unique experiences—not just on campus but in their personal residences as well.
Common areas are one of the places where you can provide the kind of experiences they’re looking for. In addition to being a social space, it should also accommodate other needs. For example, a resident might want a place other than their room to study by themselves or as a group.
Student housing facilities must be designed with enough flexibility to give residents different options on how to use them. Custom furniture solutions can help make this happen.

Differentiate Yourself from The Crowd

Off-the-shelf furniture can be found anywhere. That means they won’t help you stand out in a competitive space like student housing. You have to catch the eyes of potential residents and give them a reason to pick your property. One way you can approach this challenge is through creative furniture solutions.
From beds with hidden storage to other furniture that’s made to maximize the space available, these little details will help you stand out. Offering custom-designed and furnished rooms will give anyone considering your property a better idea of what it would be like to live there. Plus, the fact that they won’t have to spend on stuff that they may not need after their college years can tip the scales in your favor.

Residents Have High Expectations

Students grew up enjoying a certain lifestyle. Naturally, they won’t be looking for a step down when it’s finally time to go to college. While this part of their life should help foster independence, it’s not a bad idea for their living accommodations to provide some tools along the way.
But students aren’t the only ones you need to appeal to. In some cases, parents will have a huge influence on their child’s housing decision. This might be the first time they’ll be apart, and they want to be assured that their children will have a good place to live.
Whether you’re dealing with students or their parents, their expectations are high. Does what you have to offer—furniture and all—deliver?

Dickson Furniture Manufacturers can help you meet those expectations and more. From our local manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas, we create custom designs that are tailor-made for the needs of both student residents and property owners.

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