Once a year on Earth Day we are all reminded that our planet needs us just as badly as we need it to survive. Our planet needs us to open our eyes and make choices to take care, preserve, and foster new growth. At Dickson Furniture, we believe that in order to be successful in taking care of our world, we must make conscious decisions to protect it every day not just once a year.

Although we support various efforts in cleaning up and protecting our community, our focus is directly placed on what we as a company can do. That is why we are committed to protecting and sustaining our own ultimate resource, the environment, while creating outstanding and sustainable products for our customers. Plainly stated, it is important for us to make quality furniture while still helping give back to the environment.

How Dickson Gives Back

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, we work with others to transform the way buildings and communities are designed, built, and operated. Thus enabling an environmentally and socially responsible, healthy, and prosperous environment that improves the quality of life. Dickson Furniture plays a role in a few different ways from our ongoing waste conservation efforts to improved manufacturing efficiencies in our factory to increasing recovered and recycled materials in our products.

Why it’s Important to Act

Some trees that are used for furniture making take years to reach the right size for manufacturing, and for the last century or so, people have been cutting down these trees much faster than they can be replaced. This has caused many populations of wild animals to lose the integrity of their environments and forcing them to fight for survival. Another cause for concern is the chemicals that are used in some furniture that people are bringing into their homes. Manufacturing can cause pollution so it is good that people are becoming more aware of what goes into their furniture. Harmful chemicals can get into the air, the ground and nearby rivers, which eventually causes chemical runoff into the ocean. But companies that keep an eye on the chemicals they use for their eco-friendly furniture are also looking out for their customers’ individual health.

This helps to explain why Dickson Furniture has always believed in getting every bit of added value and efficiency out of available resources. Every part of each raw material is used in the manufacturing of our products or creating byproducts used beneficially by other manufacturers through our ongoing recycling efforts. You can trust that even our packaging materials are recycled and contain no non-recyclable styrofoam.

Responsible manufacturing practices and sensitivity to the managed utilization of our natural resources is critical. As consumers become more aware and more dedicated to purchasing recycled and eco-friendly furniture, manufacturers will be more inclined to use primarily sustainable processes and materials that reduce waste and that are safe for the environment.

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