Student housing isn’t typically known for generous amounts of space, but as we’ve seen with the tiny house movement, you can still live big even in a small space. And the right furniture has everything to do with it.

When every inch matters, check out these ways to make the most of limited floor space.

1. Raise the Bed

One of the biggest pieces of furniture a room will have is the bed. However, the space it takes up is mostly horizontal. This leaves a lot of unused real estate if you think vertically.
Including a bed that’s slightly raised opens up a lot of possibilities. It allows for more storage underneath to help keep clutter away—a necessity if space is already at a premium. A desk right beside an elevated bed can also double as a nightstand if it’s made to be the same height. This efficiency turns small space living into a feature rather than a flaw.

2. Make More Room with A Lofted Space

If you really want to make use of verticality, take it to the next level with lofted spaces. For the amount of floor area it occupies, a lofted space gives a lot of functionality. Just take a look at this concept:

Instead of a desk and a bed occupying separate areas, you can combine both in a way that effectively uses the limited space. Pretty much anything can be placed under the lofted bed. It can be a study setup, as shown above, couch to save even more space, or a closet for extra storage.
These kinds of solutions make for interesting conversations with potential residents. They can be the highlight that helps your property stand out.

3. Hide Furniture in Plain Sight

Another key to small space living is not having too much stuff. That doesn’t mean you can’t provide a complete set of amenities, though. Furniture that has more than one purpose is perfect for this situation. Take this dining area arrangement, for example:

If you tuck the chairs underneath you may not even recognize that it’s a dining table. For students who eat out a lot, it doesn’t make much sense to have a large piece that’s not often used. Modern and functional pieces like this give residents more options without taking away more space than needed.

Constraints drive creativity. When it comes to student housing, creativity is always in demand.

Dickson Furniture Manufacturers can give a small room a big impact. Our products are designed, engineered and built at our local manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. We can make any custom furniture with your choice of different colors, fabrics, and materials. Always delivered quickly and always Made in America!

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