With the year drawing to a close, many of us are looking forward to the holidays. But before you can enjoy some time off, there’s still work to do. Property owners and developers in particular need to start setting their sights on the coming year. And that means talking numbers.
Here are some of the things to consider so that your 2020 budget goes where it needs to.

1. Look at The True Cost of Purchases

When it comes to furniture, nothing’s worse than having a piece that breaks easily. After all, they’re not exactly cheap. If you need to replace a piece of furniture, you also have to face the challenge of getting rid of the old one—not an easy task considering how bulky they can be. While repairs may be possible in some cases, it’s never a good look when the amenities you provide for residents need a lot of fixing.
Durability may come at a bit of a premium, but it definitely makes up for it. Reliable furniture will help you cut back on budgeting for replacement and repairs.

2. Minimize the Impact of Things You Can’t Control

If you have projects lined up for next year, you know that time is money. The sooner you can get your hands on things like furniture for your property, the sooner it can start generating revenue.
Now, consider this scenario: Furniture that’s sourced overseas can take months before it lands on our shores. When it does arrive stateside, it still needs to clear customs before heading off to your site. Any delays during its journey can cause even more delays down the line.
There are just too many steps between you and a manufacturer from abroad. But that’s not the case when you go local. Being able to count on your partners to deliver on time will help you set better targets for the year.

3. Use Resources Towards Assets That Actually Help You

Local manufacturers don’t just bring more reliability to the table. Buying American also gives you options that may not be available elsewhere.
For example, if you need custom designs it can push back overseas delivery time even further. You’ll also be limited by what kind of design will actually make it through the journey from a different part of the world. Speaking of that journey, international shipping is expensive, especially for large items like furniture.
What if you took the costs associated with overseas manufacturers and used it towards getting exactly the kind of furniture you want instead? You can fully realize your vision for your property which also helps you attract your ideal residents.
To make the most of your budget, you need more options. Dickson Furniture Manufacturers can give you those options. We provide custom furniture solutions that are proudly Made in America and made for your needs. Give us a call to find out our pricing.

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